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The 62th session of China's education and equipment exhibition a complete success

Date:2015-7-25  Hits:1586

Of the 62th session of the China education equipment exhibition, on November 8, 2011 to 10, in the beautiful sichuan chengdu century city new international exhibition center was held. We show in this exhibition is the latest product CY - 01 type intelligent broadcast system, digital language repeater, waist hanging type amplifier and recorder with various series teaching. Reread machine and other products, has attracted a lot of education view and demonstrate leadership and teachers.

By CY - 01 type intelligent broadcast system, it is a blend of broadcasting products all functions, at the same time, the microcontroller decoding technology, software programming technology, network transmission technology, such as organic combination, has friendly man-machine interface, with its & other; High quality, economic, stable, practical, simple & throughout; Wait for a characteristic, highly school teacher, deeply high praise and recognition!